Monday, 24 May 2010

Football Poems - 101

Soccer, the beautiful game, the players love to run,

it's all about the playing, and that's what makes it fun.

Soccer is a game of opportunity with equal chance for all,
give everybody a chance to pass, and shoot that precious ball.

If you think she's Mia Hamm, most likely that she's not,
so don't deprive her teammates a chance for a shot.

Each player brings to the game, the desire, and the chance,
more than anything it's the confidence, that you must enhance.

Don't look to your great Aunt Sally, she may be your biggest fan,
but she won't supply the answers, your soccer players can.

Your team is tenacious, flexible and soccer they know about,
give them a chance and they'll show you, there's no need to doubt.

Not one, not two not three alone, can put the ball on net,
it's the 7, the 9 and 11 together, their success you sure can bet.

On the field, it can be a battle and sometimes she'll lose the fight,
don't worry; she's confident, for that second chance to make it right.

So if she loses the ball to an opponent, no that can't be fun,
but turnovers come in many forms, so don't focus on the one.

Each player has a purpose and that you must know well,
put each player where she's best suited, somewhere she'll excel.

Be patient, don't keep looking at your watch because in time they'll show you their stuff,
because as a coach deep down you know, that seven minutes just isn't enough

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